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Cortical microtubules mark the mucilage secretion domain of the plasma membrane in Arabidopsis seed coat cells.

McFarlane HE, Young RE, Wasteneys GO, Samuels AL Planta 2008 May; 227(6):1363-75 PMID: 18309515 Abstract During their differentiation Arabidopsis thaliana seed coat cells undergo a brief but intense period of secretory activity that leads to dramatic morphological changes. Pectic mucilage is secreted to one domain of the plasma membrane and accumulates under the primary cell … Read More

Analysis of the Golgi apparatus in Arabidopsis seed coat cells during polarized secretion of pectin-rich mucilage.

Young RE, McFarlane HE, Hahn MG, Western TL, Haughn GW, Samuels AL Plant Cell 2008 Jun; 20(6):1623-38 PMID: 18523060 Abstract Differentiation of the Arabidopsis thaliana seed coat cells includes a secretory phase where large amounts of pectinaceous mucilage are deposited to a specific domain of the cell wall. During this phase, Golgi stacks had cisternae … Read More

Arabidopsis ABCG transporters, which are required for export of diverse cuticular lipids, dimerize in different combinations.

McFarlane HE, Shin JJ, Bird DA, Samuels AL Plant Cell 2010 Sep; 22(9):3066-75 PMID: 20870961 Abstract ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters play diverse roles, including lipid transport, in all kingdoms. ABCG subfamily transporters that are encoded as half-transporters require dimerization to form a functional ABC transporter. Different dimer combinations that may transport diverse substrates have … Read More