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DNA Methylation and the Evolution of Developmental Complexity in Plants.

Bräutigam K, Cronk Q Front Plant Sci 2018; 9():1447 PMID: 30349550 Abstract All land plants so far examined use DNA methylation to silence transposons (TEs). DNA methylation therefore appears to have been co-opted in evolution from an original function in TE management to a developmental function (gene regulation) in both phenotypic plasticity and in normal … Read More

Sexual epigenetics: gender-specific methylation of a gene in the sex determining region of Populus balsamifera.

Bräutigam K, Soolanayakanahally R, Champigny M, Mansfield S, Douglas C, Campbell MM, Cronk Q Sci Rep 2017 03 27; 7():45388 PMID: 28345647 Abstract Methylation has frequently been implicated in gender determination in plants. The recent discovery of the sex determining region (SDR) of balsam poplar, Populus balsamifera, pinpointed 13 genes with differentiated X and Y … Read More

PMID: 28345647 Abstract