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Yeast two-hybrid interactions between Arabidopsis lyrata S Receptor Kinase and the ARC1 E3 ligase

Indriolo E, Goring DR Plant Signal Behav 2016 May; PMID: 27175603 Abstract Here we describe protein-protein interactions between signaling components in the conserved self-incompatibility pathway from Brassica spp. and Arabidopsis lyrata. Previously, we had demonstrated that ARC1 is necessary in A. lyrata for the rejection of self-pollen by the self-incompatibility pathway. The results described here … Read More

Monoamine Release during Unihemispheric Sleep and Unihemispheric Waking in the Fur Seal

Lyamin OI, Lapierre JL, Kosenko PO, Kodama T, Bhagwandin A, Korneva SM, Peever JH, Mukhametov LM, Siegel JM Sleep 2016;39(3):625-36 PMID: 26715233 Abstract STUDY OBJECTIVES: Our understanding of the role of neurotransmitters in the control of the electroencephalogram (EEG) has been entirely based on studies of animals with bilateral sleep. The study of animals with … Read More

RNA Silencing of Exocyst Genes in the Stigma Impairs the Acceptance of Compatible Pollen in Arabidopsis

Safavian D, Zayed Y, Indriolo E, Chapman L, Ahmed A, Goring DR Plant Physiol. 2015 Dec;169(4):2526-38 PMID: 26443677 Abstract Initial pollen-pistil interactions in the Brassicaceae are regulated by rapid communication between pollen grains and stigmatic papillae and are fundamentally important, as they are the first step toward successful fertilization. The goal of this study was … Read More