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Tools for -mediated single copy insertion (mosSCI) with excisable or NeoR (G418) selection cassettes.

Aram R, MacGillivray K, Li C, Saltzman A MicroPubl Biol 2019 Aug 27; 2019(): PMID: 32550440 Abstract

Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts.

Liti G, Carter DM, Moses AM, Warringer J, Parts L, James SA, Davey RP, Roberts IN, Burt A, Koufopanou V, Tsai IJ, Bergman CM, Bensasson D, O’Kelly MJ, van Oudenaarden A, Barton DB, Bailes E, Nguyen AN, Jones M, Quail MA, Goodhead I, Sims S, Smith F, Blomberg A, Durbin R, Louis EJ Nature 2009 … Read More

NLStradamus: a simple Hidden Markov Model for nuclear localization signal prediction.

Nguyen Ba AN, Pogoutse A, Provart N, Moses AM BMC Bioinformatics 2009 Jun 29; 10():202 PMID: 19563654 Abstract Nuclear localization signals (NLSs) are stretches of residues within a protein that are important for the regulated nuclear import of the protein. Of the many import pathways that exist in yeast, the best characterized is termed the … Read More