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Differential Subplastidial Localization and Turnover of Enzymes Involved in Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Chloroplasts.

Perello C, Llamas E, Burlat V, Ortiz-Alcaide M, Phillips MA, Pulido P, Rodriguez-Concepcion M PLoS ONE 2016; 11(2):e0150539 PMID: 26919668 Abstract Plastidial isoprenoids are a diverse group of metabolites with roles in photosynthesis, growth regulation, and interaction with the environment. The methylerythritol 4-phosphate (MEP) pathway produces the metabolic precursors of all types of plastidial isoprenoids. … Read More

Mei Zhen

Academic Title: Professor Campus: St. George CSB Appointment: Cross Appointment Primary Undergraduate Department: Molecular Genetics Graduate Programs: Neuroscience Physiology Academic or Administrative Appointments: Education: PhD University of British Columbia, 1996 Mailing Address Mount Sinai Hospital, 600 University Avenue, Room 870, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1X5.   Contact Information Office phone: 416-586-1592 Office: 870 Lab phone: 416-586-4800 … Read More

Yeast two-hybrid interactions between Arabidopsis lyrata S Receptor Kinase and the ARC1 E3 ligase

Indriolo E, Goring DR Plant Signal Behav 2016 May; PMID: 27175603 Abstract Here we describe protein-protein interactions between signaling components in the conserved self-incompatibility pathway from Brassica spp. and Arabidopsis lyrata. Previously, we had demonstrated that ARC1 is necessary in A. lyrata for the rejection of self-pollen by the self-incompatibility pathway. The results described here … Read More