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Maintaining a behaviour polymorphism by frequency-dependent selection on a single gene

Fitzpatrick MJ, Feder E, Rowe L, Sokolowski MB Nature 2007 May;447(7141):210-2 PMID: 17495926 Abstract Accounting for the abundance of genetic variation in the face of natural selection remains a central problem of evolutionary biology. Genetic polymorphisms are constantly arising through mutation, and although most are promptly eliminated, polymorphisms in functionally important traits are common. One … Read More

Localization of the extracellular matrix protein SC1 to synapses in the adult rat brain

Lively S, Ringuette MJ, Brown IR Neurochem. Res. 2007 Jan;32(1):65-71 PMID: 17151913 Abstract Extracellular matrix molecules play important roles in neural developmental processes such as axon guidance and synaptogenesis. When development is complete, many of these molecules are down-regulated, however the molecules that remain highly expressed are often involved in modulation of synaptic function. SC1 … Read More

Excitatory actions of GABA mediate severe-hypoxia-induced depression of neuronal activity in the pond snail (Lymnaea stagnalis)

Cheung U, Moghaddasi M, Hall HL, Smith JJ, Buck LT, Woodin MA J. Exp. Biol. 2006 Nov;209(Pt 22):4429-35 PMID: 17079713 Abstract To characterize the effect of severe hypoxia on neuronal activity, long-term intracellular recordings were made from neurones in the isolated central ring ganglia of Lymnaea stagnalis. When a neurone at rest in normoxia was … Read More