Nonsense mutation in the WDR73 gene is associated with Galloway-Mowat syndrome.

Ben-Omran T, Fahiminiya S, Sorfazlian N, Almuriekhi M, Nawaz Z, Nadaf J, Khadija KA, Zaineddin S, Kamel H, Majewski J, Tropepe V

J. Med. Genet. 2015 Jun; 52(6):381-90

PMID: 25873735


Neuroanatomical defects are often present in children with severe developmental delay and intellectual disabilities. Few genetic loci have been associated with disorders of neurodevelopment. Our objective of the present study was to analyse a consanguineous Arab family showing some of the hallmark signs of a rare cerebellar hypoplasia-related neurodevelopmental syndrome as a strategy for discovering a causative genetic mutation.