Strigolactones as small molecule communicators

Tsuchiya Y, McCourt P

Mol Biosyst 2012 Feb;8(2):464-9

PMID: 22027812


Originally identified as an allelochemical involved in plant host-parasite interactions, strigolactones have more recently been shown to have much broader communication roles. Strigolactones function as a symbiotic communicator in plants and mycorrhizal fungi interactions and have also been shown to have hormonal roles in higher plants. This ability to act as both an exogenous and an endogenous signal has interesting implications with respect to the constraints on strigolactone structures. Probing the hormonal function of strigolactones using chemical biology and genetics is beginning to provide clues as to how strigolactones were co-opted as an allelochemical signal by parasitic plants.