This program has been discontinued.  If you are already enrolled in the program, you may stay in it and complete it for graduation.  If you are not enrolled in it, but you are keen on the subject material, we encourage you to consider enrolling in the Biology program.  If you have questions about Biology or Botany, please contact the EEB Undergraduate Office at

Program Information

Botany is the area of biology that deals with plants, fungi and photosynthetic microorganisms. Plants play a central role in the maintenance of life on our planet by providing oxygen and food for all other organisms. This key position in the biosphere makes it essential that we fully understand plant processes and their interactions with other living organisms. Plant biology is an increasingly active research area, and the past decades have already brought major advances in understanding how plants function. Many new possibilities have been developed for the better use of plants by people, including the development of improved crops, weed control, plant breeding and the industrial production of plant-derived biochemicals such as anti-cancer drugs. Botany careers include laboratory and field research in university, government or industry; environmental assessment work for government or consulting firms; commercial production and marketing of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; ornamental horticulture and landscape design; teaching and public service; and scientific writing or botanical illustration.

The Botany program provides students with an opportunity to study plant biology by taking courses in a single sub-discipline, such as cell biology, or by taking courses that cross a number of sub-disciplines, such as developmental biology and evolutionary biology. This program is open to all students.