Professor Clare Hasenkampf

Clare Hasenkampf

Professor Emerita



CSB Appointment


Research Areas

Cell Biology, Plant Biology


Ph.D. Florida State University 1984
M.Sc. Florida State University
1979 BSc Loyola University of the South

Primary Undergraduate Department

Biological Sciences, UTSC

Graduate Programs

Cell & Systems BiologyCell & Systems Biology

Academic or Administrative Appointments

Associate Dean Teaching and Learning UTSC

Research Description

Chromosome interactions during meiosis are the focus of the Hasenkampf lab.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 416-287-7680 / 416-208-2739
Office: SY246
Lab: SY235
Lab Phone: 416-287-7496

Mailing Address

Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
1265 Military Trail
Scarborough, ON M1C 1A4



A novel method to follow meiotic progression in Arabidopsis using confocal microscopy and 5-ethynyl-2′-deoxyuridine labeling

Stronghill PE, Azimi W, Hasenkampf CA
2014, Plant methods, 10, 33, 25337148

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Transmission electron microscopy and serial reconstructions reveal novel meiotic phenotypes for the ahp2 mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana

Pathan N, Stronghill P, Hasenkampf C
2013, Genome / National Research Council Canada = Génome / Conseil national de recherches Canada, 56, 139-45, 23659697

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Chromosome fragile sites in Arabidopsis harbor matrix attachment regions that may be associated with ancestral chromosome rearrangement events

dela Paz JS, Stronghill PE, Douglas SJ, Saravia S, Hasenkampf CA, Riggs CD
2012, PLoS genetics, 8, e1003136, 23284301

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Analysis of substage associations in prophase I of meiosis in floral buds of wild-type Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae)

Stronghill PE, Hasenkampf CA
2007, American journal of botany, 94, 2063-7, 21636400

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Disruption of the Arabidopsis SMC4 gene, AtCAP-C, compromises gametogenesis and embryogenesis

Siddiqui NU, Rusyniak S, Hasenkampf CA, Riggs CD
2006, Planta, 223, 990-7, 16482433

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Mutations in Arabidopsis condensin genes disrupt embryogenesis, meristem organization and segregation of homologous chromosomes during meiosis

Siddiqui NU, Stronghill PE, Dengler RE, Hasenkampf CA, Riggs CD
2003, Development (Cambridge, England), 130, 3283-95, 12783798

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Dmc1 fluorescent foci in prophase I nuclei of diploid, triploid and hybrid lilies

George S, Behl P, DeGuzman R, Lee M, Rusyniak S, Hotta Y, Hiratsuka K, Takase H, Hasenkampf C
2002, Chromosoma, 111, 96-105, 12111332

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