Professor Greg C. Vanlerberghe

Greg C. Vanlerberghe

Professor Emeritus



CSB Appointment


Research Areas

Plant Biology


Ph.D. Queen’s University 1991
M.Sc. University of Western Ontario 1987
B.Sc. University of Western Ontario 1984

Primary Undergraduate Department

Biological Sciences, UTSC

Graduate Programs

Cell & Systems Biology

Research Description

We investigate the impact of abiotic and biotic stress on plant energy metabolism. We uncover the signature responses of metabolism to stress and elucidate how these responses support stress acclimation.

Contact Information

Office Phone: 416-208-2742
Office: SY 262
Lab: SY 270
Lab Phone: 416-287-7240

Mailing Address

Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
1265 Military Trail
Scarborough, ON M1C 1A4

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Knockdown of mitochondrial alternative oxidase induces the ‘stress state’ of signaling molecule pools in Nicotiana tabacum, with implications for stomatal function

Cvetkovska M, Dahal K, Alber NA, Jin C, Cheung M, Vanlerberghe GC
2014, The New phytologist, 203, 449-61, 24635054

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A lack of mitochondrial alternative oxidase compromises capacity to recover from severe drought stress

Wang J, Vanlerberghe GC
2013, Physiologia plantarum, 23582049

Alternative Oxidase: A Mitochondrial Respiratory Pathway to Maintain Metabolic and Signaling Homeostasis during Abiotic and Biotic Stress in Plants

Vanlerberghe GC
2013, International journal of molecular sciences, 14, 6805-47, 23531539

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The signaling role of a mitochondrial superoxide burst during stress

Cvetkovska M, Alber NA, Vanlerberghe GC
2013, Plant signaling & behavior, 8, e22749, 23221746

Alternative oxidase impacts the plant response to biotic stress by influencing the mitochondrial generation of reactive oxygen species

Cvetkovska M, Vanlerberghe GC
2013, Plant, cell & environment, 36, 721-32, 22978428

Alternative oxidase modulates leaf mitochondrial concentrations of superoxide and nitric oxide

Cvetkovska M, Vanlerberghe GC
2012, The New phytologist, 195, 32-9, 22537177

Coordination of a mitochondrial superoxide burst during the hypersensitive response to bacterial pathogen in Nicotiana tabacum

Cvetkovska M, Vanlerberghe GC
2012, Plant, cell & environment, 35, 1121-36, 22211396

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Impact of mitochondrial alternative oxidase expression on the response of Nicotiana tabacum to cold temperature

Wang J, Rajakulendran N, Amirsadeghi S, Vanlerberghe GC
2011, Physiologia plantarum, 142, 339-51, 21401618

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The product of the alternative oxidase is still H2O

Møller IM, Rasmusson AG, Siedow JJ, Vanlerberghe GC
2010, Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, 495, 93-4; author reply 95-6, 20051223

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Alternative oxidase in animals: unique characteristics and taxonomic distribution

McDonald AE, Vanlerberghe GC, Staples JF
2009, The Journal of experimental biology, 212, 2627-34, 19648408

Is the maintenance of homeostatic mitochondrial signaling during stress a physiological role for alternative oxidase?

Vanlerberghe GC, Cvetkovska M, Wang J
2009, Physiologia plantarum, 137, 392-406, 19549065

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A glucocorticoid-inducible gene expression system can cause growth defects in tobacco

Amirsadeghi S, McDonald AE, Vanlerberghe GC
2007, Planta, 226, 453-63, 17333253

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Changes in plant mitochondrial electron transport alter cellular levels of reactive oxygen species and susceptibility to cell death signaling molecules

Amirsadeghi S, Robson CA, McDonald AE, Vanlerberghe GC
2006, Plant & cell physiology, 47, 1509-19, 17012741

Origins, evolutionary history, and taxonomic distribution of alternative oxidase and plastoquinol terminal oxidase

McDonald AE, Vanlerberghe GC
2006, Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part D, Genomics & proteomics, 1, 357-64, 20483267

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The role of alternative oxidase in modulating carbon use efficiency and growth during macronutrient stress in tobacco cells

Sieger SM, Kristensen BK, Robson CA, Amirsadeghi S, Eng EW, Abdel-Mesih A, Møller IM, Vanlerberghe GC
2005, Journal of experimental botany, 56, 1499-515, 15824074

Alternative oxidase and plastoquinol terminal oxidase in marine prokaryotes of the Sargasso Sea

McDonald AE, Vanlerberghe GC
2005, Gene, 349, 15-24, 15777727

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Prokaryotic orthologues of mitochondrial alternative oxidase and plastid terminal oxidase

McDonald AE, Amirsadeghi S, Vanlerberghe GC
2003, Plant molecular biology, 53, 865-76, 15082931

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Methods and approaches to study plant mitochondrial alternative oxidase

McDonald AE, Sieger SM, Vanlerberghe GC
2002, Physiologia plantarum, 116, 135-143, 12354188

Transgenic plant cells lacking mitochondrial alternative oxidase have increased susceptibility to mitochondria-dependent and -independent pathways of programmed cell death

Robson CA, Vanlerberghe GC
2002, Plant physiology, 129, 1908-20, 12177505

Induction of mitochondrial alternative oxidase in response to a cell signal pathway down-regulating the cytochrome pathway prevents programmed cell death

Vanlerberghe GC, Robson CA, Yip JY
2002, Plant physiology, 129, 1829-42, 12177496

Mitochondrial alternative oxidase is not a critical component of plant viral resistance but may play a role in the hypersensitive response

Ordog SH, Higgins VJ, Vanlerberghe GC
2002, Plant physiology, 129, 1858-65, 12177499

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Mitochondrial alternative oxidase acts to dampen the generation of active oxygen species during a period of rapid respiration induced to support a high rate of nutrient uptake

Yip JY, Vanlerberghe GC
2001, Physiologia plantarum, 112, 327-333, 11473689

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ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE: From Gene to Function

Vanlerberghe GC, McIntosh L
1997, Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology, 48, 703-734, 15012279

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