James Anderson

faculty_img Academic Title: Professor Emeritus

Campus: UTM

CSB Appointment: Full

Primary Undergraduate Department:

Graduate Programs:
Cell & Systems Biology

Titles and Honors:
Distinguished Mycologist, Mycological Society of America
Fellow, American Society of Microbiology

Academic or Administrative Appointments:
Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, UTM

Ph.D. University of Vermont


Mailing Address

Department of Biology, UTM
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6


Contact Information
Office phone: 905-828-5362
Office: DV 3047
Lab: DV 4090C
Lab phone: 905-828-3995
Email: jb.anderson@utoronto.ca
URL: http://sites.utm.utoronto.ca/andersonlab/


Research Areas



Population genetics and evolution of fungi. I am interested in the processes that shape the structure of fungal populations including sexual and somatic recognition, reproduction, mutation and recombination. To investigate the impact of these natural processes in populations, our research uses the tools of molecular genetics, genomics, and evolutionary biology.