Plant cell wall secretion and lipid traffic at membrane contact sites of the cell cortex.

Samuels L, McFarlane HE

Protoplasma 2012 Feb; 249 Suppl 1():S19-23

PMID: 22160188


Plant cell wall secretion is the result of dynamic vesicle fusion events at the plasma membrane. The importance of the lipid bilayer environment of the plasma membrane and its interactions with the endomembrane system through vesicle traffic are well recognized. Recent advances in yeast molecular biology and biochemistry lead us to re-examine the hypothesis that non-vesicular traffic of lipids through close contact sites of the plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum could also be important in plant cell wall biosynthesis. Non-vesicular traffic is the extraction and transfer of individual lipid molecules from a donor bilayer to a target bilayer, usually with the assistance of lipid transfer proteins.