Course Description

This course allows the students to broaden their knowledge about the most important human viruses and prions. In essence, what viruses are, what they do, what are the diseases caused by viruses and how they are transmitted etc. and what can be done about them (vaccines, antiviral treatments etc.).  Viruses cause many diseases ranging from a benign rash to severe hemorrhages and death. Each student will write one essay (about a specific virus selected from a provided list) and present it as a seminar for the rest of the class. Major “hot” problems (e.g. Zika, Corona viruses) in Virology from pandemics (e.g. COVID 19) to controversial vaccines will also be discussed. Content of this course is made of all students’ presentations and several supplementary lectures by Prof. AbouHaidar.


Prof. M. AbouHaidar

Contact Hours


Evaluation (Subject to Change)

There will be two short tests (multiple choice questions) covering all virus presentations by all students (posted on Quercus, dates to be announced) each test is worth 20% of the final mark.  One essay and one oral presentation worth 60% of final mark.

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022