Course Description

This course surveys the field of Chemical Genomics, focusing on the analysis of biological problems using chemical approaches. Topics covered include chemical genetics, combinatorial chemistry and combinatorial strategies in molecular biology (such as phage display and other selection schemes). We examine both the underlying biological and chemical concepts; however, the focus is primarily biological.


BIO230H1 / BIO255H1,
BIO260H1 / HMB265H1,
CHM247H1 / 249H1 / any 300+ CHM course

Recommended Preparation


Not offered

CSB473H1 is not offered in 2022-23


Prof. P. McCourt (Team Leader)
Prof. S. Lumba

Contact Hours


Required text(s)/Readings


Evaluation (Subject to change)

Mid-term test
Two assignments
One paper
Final exam


Last updated on May 31st, 2022