Prof. Alan Moses’ new book “Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning for Molecular Biology” published with CRC Press

Congratulations to Professor Alan Moses on the publication of his book Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning for Molecular Biology with CRC Press. Molecular biologists are performing increasingly large and complicated experiments, but often have little background in data analysis. The book is devoted to teaching the statistical and computational techniques molecular biologists need to analyze their data. It explains the big-picture concepts in data analysis using a wide variety of real-world molecular biological examples such as eQTLs, ortholog identification, motif finding, inference of population structure, protein fold prediction and many more. The book takes a pragmatic approach, focusing on techniques that are based on elegant mathematics yet are the simplest to explain to scientists with little background in computers and statistics.

For a link to the publisher’s website to order Prof. Moses book, click here.

Congratulations to Prof. Jennifer Mitchell on being awarded the Dorothy Shoichet Women Faculty in Science Award of Excellence

Prof. Jennifer Mitchell is the recipient of the inaugural Dorothy Shoichet Women Faculty in Science Award of Excellence.

Prof. Molly S. Shoichet, PhD, FRSC, O. Ont. has established this award in honour of her mother, an honorary  degree recipient, for female faculty in any of the physical or life sciences, computer sciences or mathematics within the Faculty of Arts and Science at any of our three campuses.

Congratulations Prof. Mitchell!