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Professor Arneet Saltzman

Arneet Saltzman

Assistant Professor

Professor Heather McFarlane

Heather McFarlane

Assistant Professor

Professor Ulrich Tepass

Ulrich Tepass


Recent Publications

Elevated tyrosine results in the cytosolic retention of 3‐deoxy‐ d ‐arabino‐heptulosonate 7‐phosphate synthase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kanaris M, Poulin J, Shahinas D, Johnson D, Crowley VM, Fucile G, Provart N, Christendat D
2021, The Plant Journal, 10.1111/tpj.15590

Usher syndrome type 1-associated gene, pcdh15b, is required for photoreceptor structural integrity in zebrafish

Miles A, Blair C, Emili A, Tropepe V
2021, Disease Models & Mechanisms, 10.1242/dmm.048965

Force-dependent activation of actin elongation factor mDia1 protects the cytoskeleton from mechanical damage and promotes stress fiber repair

Valencia FR, Sandoval E, Du J, Iu E, Liu J, Plotnikov SV
2021, Developmental Cell, 10.1016/j.devcel.2021.11.004

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Nick Provart

Professor and Chair

At CSB, our Professors create modern, interactive instruction for an engaged student body and our Sessional Lecturers provide a personal approach. Our exceptional students, post-docs and professors are recipients of prestigious honours. We will continue to produce outstanding discoveries that enhance and challenge our understanding of living organisms

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