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Transcriptional regulation and chromatin architecture maintenance are decoupled functions at the Sox2 locus.

Taylor T, Sikorska N, Shchuka VM, Chahar S, Ji C, Macpherson NN, Moorthy SD, de Kort MAC, Mullany S, Khader N, Gillespie ZE, Langroudi L, Tobias IC, Lenstra TL, Mitchell JA, Sexton T
2022, Genes & development, 35710138

Idiosyncratic epistasis leads to global fitness–correlated trends

Bakerlee CW, Nguyen Ba AN, Shulgina Y, Rojas Echenique JI, Desai MM
2022, Science, 10.1126/science.abm4774

Autophagy is required for self-incompatible pollen rejection in two transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana accessions

Macgregor SR, Lee HK, Nelles H, Johnson DC, Zhang T, Ma C, Goring DR
2022, Plant Physiology, 10.1093/plphys/kiac026

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