About CSB

The Department of Cell & Systems Biology (CSB) was established in July of 2006 to advance research and teaching in some of the most dynamic and vital areas of biological research. This bold new initiative prompted the development of ambitious graduate and undergraduate programs, and facilitated the pursuit of cutting-edge research in the molecular life sciences and systems biology.

CSB research investigates the behaviour of cells – the fundamental units of life – in terms of molecular processes within and between cells. Both hypothesis-driven and discovery-based strategies are integrated to gain a mechanistic understanding of complex and highly dynamic cellular systems and how they govern the development, physiology, interaction and evolution of organisms.

CSB embraces new methodologies and state-of-the art technologies. Its researchers use a wide range of cutting-edge tools to study the fundamental biological mechanisms that govern interactions at all levels of complexity, ranging from molecules to communities. CSB has particular expertise in high-throughput genomics, chemical biology, imaging, computational, and physiological approaches.