We offer 45 courses covering topics such as endocrine physiology, introductory virology, cell adhesion and migration, bioinformatics methods and plant-microorganism interactions. Our foundation courses in cell, molecular and developmental biology, and physiology provide fundamental concepts in each area along with essential skills in modern laboratory techniques.

DNA helix surrounded by image of model organisms studied at Cell & Systems Biology: mice, flies, worms, plants, bacteria and viruses

Undergraduate Programs

Offering a variety of courses in cell biology, molecular biology and animal physiology.

The Department of Cell and Systems Biology offers two core programs: Animal Physiology (Major) and Cell & Molecular Biology (Specialist and Major each with the option of Disciplinary Focuses).

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Whales evolved swiftly to become deep divers

Surprising details about the transition of early whales from living on shore to diving down to feast on deep-dwelling prey have been revealed by Dr…

Long-term Research at CSB supported by NSERC Discovery Grants 2022

Congratulations to five researchers at CSB who have earned Discovery Grants starting in 2022 from the National Science and Engineering Research…

Tamar Mamourian’s Thriving Legacy

Tamar Mamourian is a powerhouse of knowledge in designing and implementing policy to benefit the University of Toronto community. She recently…

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