We offer 45 courses covering topics such as endocrine physiology, introductory virology, cell adhesion and migration, bioinformatics methods and plant-microorganism interactions. Our foundation courses in cell, molecular and developmental biology, and physiology provide fundamental concepts in each area along with essential skills in modern laboratory techniques.

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Offering a variety of courses in cell biology, molecular biology and animal physiology.

The Department of Cell and Systems Biology offers two core programs: Animal Physiology (Major) and Cell & Molecular Biology (Specialist and Major each with the option of Disciplinary Focuses).

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Meeting Report from the International Society for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cell & Systems Biology was glad to support the 5th Annual Meeting of The International Society for Neurodegenerative Diseases on December 18th…

Collaboration is key at CSB’s aquatic research facility

Amanda Miles’ PhD studies in Prof Vince Tropepe’s lab focus on the development, maintenance, and degeneration of the retina. “The eye is extremely…

CSB Year in Review: Top Stories of 2020

As the year comes to a close, we look back on the achievements of students, staff, and faculty in the Cell and Systems Biology Department. Here are…

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Janet Mannone

Undergraduate Coordinator

Our goal is to create an environment for CSB students that is supportive and welcoming. My role is to facilitate their education and to help make their experience here a rewarding one.

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Interesting symposium review by @Mawoodin @UofTCellSysBio on #Kainate receptor regulation of #synapticinhibition in the #hippocampus. How is this regulation linked to higher order brain function and neurological disorders? Find out more 👉 https://buff.ly/3oMyHcB

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Early bird registration link: http://ow.ly/RiYs50D6LUL
For more details about the programming, agenda and speakers: http://ow.ly/vDCI50D6LUM

Curious about how we maintain our zebrafish for research? PhD student Amanda Miles details her days at our aquatics research facility in this post https://csb.utoronto.ca/collaboration-is-key-at-csbs-aquatic-research-facility/