We offer 45 courses covering topics such as endocrine physiology, introductory virology, cell adhesion and migration, bioinformatics methods and plant-microorganism interactions. Our foundation courses in cell, molecular and developmental biology, and physiology provide fundamental concepts in each area along with essential skills in modern laboratory techniques.

Undergraduate Programs

Offering a variety of courses in cell biology, molecular biology and animal physiology.

The Department of Cell and Systems Biology offers two core programs: Animal Physiology (Major) and Cell & Molecular Biology (Specialist and Major each with the option of Disciplinary Focuses).

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Exceptional Science at the CSB Undergraduate Research Fair

On April 9th, students in CSB497, CSB498 and CSB499 presented the results of their year-long research programs in a virtual talk. Presenters were…

Colleagues and friends support Julia Gauberg to academic excellence

My scientific journey began at York University, when I joined Dr. Scott Kelly’s lab as an undergraduate student and immediately became hooked on…

Lifelong learner Monica Mc Sheim on mastering complex organizations

Monica Mc Sheim is fascinated by the interaction of social structures and individual roles in society, and by adaptations that have challenged…

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Janet Mannone

Undergraduate Coordinator

Our goal is to create an environment for CSB students that is supportive and welcoming. My role is to facilitate their education and to help make their experience here a rewarding one.

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