Baohua Liu

faculty_img Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Campus: Mississauga

CSB Appointment: Full

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Cell & Systems Biology

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Ph.D. University of Southern California 2010
M.Sc. Nankai University, China 2002
B.Sc. Nankai University, China 1999


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Department of Biology
University of Toronto, Mississauga
3359 Mississauga Road, DV3049
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6


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Office phone: 905-828-3998
Office: DV 3049
Lab: DV 1083
Lab phone: 905-828-3751


Research Areas
Systems Biology
Animal Biology
Cell Biology



Proper vision requires the orchestration of the ocular motor behavior and visual information processing. Ocular movements help stabilize retinal images, track objects, and maintain fixation on them, which is essential for the visual system to make sense of the external world; in turn, information processed by the visual system guides the motor system to generate appropriate ocular motor actions. This orchestration of sensory and motor processes requires an exquisite interaction between sensory and motor systems. However, our understanding of the circuit mechanisms underlying this fundamental function remains limited. Recently we demonstrated that the visual cortex, a sensory processing area, can adaptively modulate innate ocular behavior optokinetic reflex which stabilizes retinal images. We also revealed the importance of the corticofugal projections to the brainstem in such adaptive cortical modulation of optokinetic reflex. We will use this model system to understand the synaptic, cellular, and circuit mechanisms by which the visual cortex contributes to innate ocular behaviors. What visual information do corticofugal projections carry? What brainstem neuronal populations do they innervate and influence? What computational roles do they play? What plastic processes happen among them leading to behavioral adaptation? By addressing these questions, we will provide the crucial insight into the role of the sensory cortices in orchestrating innate behaviors.
We are also interested in studying the impact of proper or malfunctional ocular behaviors on visual information processing: how the movements of the two eyes affect the integration of binocular inputs? how misaligned binocular inputs are dealt with by the visual system?







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