Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi

faculty_img Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Campus: St. George

CSB Appointment: Cross Appointment

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Graduate Programs:
Cell & Systems Biology

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Ph.D. University of Tokyo 2006
M.Sc. University of Tokyo 2003
B.Sc. University of Tokyo 2001


Mailing Address
Department of Psychology
University of Toronto
100 St. George St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3


Contact Information
Office phone: 416-978-6570 
Office: SS 4033 
Lab phone:  
Email: takehara@psych.utoronto.ca 
URL: http://www.psych.utoronto.ca/users/takehara/index.html


Research Areas
Animal Biology
Psychology & Behavior



The overarching goal of my research team is to understand how neuronal networks produce normal and abnormal memory states. Specifically, I pursue two research aims: one is to reveal the functional architecture of the healthy memory system as it forms a permanent record of daily experiences (episodic memory), and the other is to show how the functional connectivity within this network becomes disrupted in Alzheimer’s disease. I methodologically approach these questions by employing novel, cutting-edge technologies specifically designed to probe and manipulate network activity in behaving animals. Recordings of multiple single neurons and local field potential signals while employing precise classical conditioning protocols provide the fundamental experimental framework. We enrich this framework with precisely controlled manipulations of neuronal pathways or gene expression with viral vectors. Together, our multidisciplinary approach will contribute to uncovering computations in cortical networks supporting episodic memory and their dysfunctions in memory disorders.