Katharina Braeutigam

Dr. Katharina Braeutigam Academic Title: Assistant Professor

Campus: UTM

CSB Appointment: Full

Primary Undergraduate Department:

Graduate Programs:
Cell & Systems Biology

Titles and Honors:Academic or Administrative Appointments:

PhD Friedrich-Schiller University, Jena, Germany, 2008


Mailing Address
Department of Biology
University of Toronto
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6


Contact Information
Office phone: 905-569-4777
Office: 4002
Lab: DV 4026
Lab phone:
Email: katharina.braeutigam@utoronto.ca


Research Areas
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Functional Genomics
Molecular Biology
Plant Biology
Systems Biology


How does one genome give rise to the different cell types that together form an organism, and how can one genome shape individuals that differ in phenotype and behaviour? It is well established that key processes in cell differentiation and development involve epigenetic modifications, i.e. marks that can influence gene expression patterns that can be transmitted across cell divisions without changes in the underlying DNA sequence. Recently, epigenetic phenomena involved in shaping responses to environmental signals have received increasing attention.  Nevertheless, we are just beginning to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying memory of past experiences in plants. Research in our lab investigates fascinating aspects of molecular memory including its generation, extend, and persistence in plants. In particular, we are interested in epigenetic phenomena such as histone modification or DNA methylation involved in this process and their relation to gene function and phenotype. Our lab combines molecular, physiological, and genome-wide approaches to study lasting effects of environmental exposure and stress responses, phenotypic plasticity and adaptive capacity in plants, aspects  potentially of special importance for plant growth and survival under scenarios of rapid climate change.



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