Advice for Acquiring Research Positions in CSB

Consider what topics interest you the most.  If you are unsure where to start, think about current and previous courses, and scan the research areas of our faculty.  Take note of the ones that sound exciting to you.

When you have decided on your topics of interest, review the list of CSB faculty for labs researching these general topics, considering active labs (non-emeritus professors) and the campus location:  Click on the appropriate tab to select for faculty by campus.

Contact 6-8 professors by email.  Note that professors ignore generic letters because they receive many of them.  Thus, personalize your emails by using 3-4 original sentences to explain why you are interested in their specific research topic (do not copy and paste sentences from the professor’s web page).  Also, briefly describe your qualifications (e.g. relevant courses) and related experience (e.g., any volunteer or work experience, whether research-related or not, highlighting experience in a workplace or examples of teamwork).  Attach your resume/CV and marks from ROSI.

If you don’t succeed at first, try again.  Consider a Work Study lab maintenance position to get your foot in the door.  Also, ask your TAs about the research they conduct. Check out this video and these CSBSU slides for more tips on finding a research position.