Nicholas J Provart, CSB Professor and Chair, has earned a Highly Cited Researcher award for 2020 from Clarivate Web of Science. His publications in journals including Science, Nature and Plant Cell were in the top 1% by citations world-wide for the field of Plant & Animal Science. Provart is one of only four Canadian researchers to earn this award in Plant & Animal Science.

Provart’s research interest is developing computational tools and analyses for plant biology, along with wet-lab validation of gene regulatory networks revealed using these tools. Citations are an indication that other researchers are referencing his work and using the tools that Provart invented. One of his most highly cited recent papers is “ePlant: Visualizing and Exploring Multiple Levels of Data for Hypothesis Generation in Plant Biology“. You can experiment with this tool at the Bio-Analytic Resource.

Provart exemplifies the collaborative nature of science by partnering with many different research groups. He has applied his innovative computational techniques to collaborations on rice, wheat, maize and poplar. His studies have resulted in novel insights on polyploidy, seed germination and plant hormone response.

Congratulations, Nick!