Congratulations to Professors Shelley Lumba, Assistant Professor in Plant Systems Biology and,to Professors Kenneth Yip and Ritu Sarpal, Assistant Professors, Teaching Stream

Cell & Systems Biology has Professors in three newly appointed posts starting on July 1, 2021!

Professor Shelley Lumba has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Plant Systems Biology at Cell and Systems Biology. Lumba studies molecular mechanisms of dormancy and germination in plants in the Earth Sciences Building. Her lab uses systems biology approaches to generate signalling networks underlying germination in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and in parasitic plants, such as Striga hermonthica. She was formerly a contractually limited term appointment, but will now qualify to apply for tenure.

Professor Kenneth Yip has been appointed as an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream. He has been a Sessional Lecturer for foundational biology courses BIO130 and BIO230 over many years at UofT, as well as instructing advanced third- and fourth-year courses. Yip is the recipient of the Faculty of Arts and Science Superior Sessional Instructor Teaching Award. He conducts research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in cancer drug discovery and translational genomics.

Professor Ritu Sarpal has been appointed as an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream. She has been teaching advanced courses in the Stem Cells and Developmental Biology Program as a Sessional Lecturer. Sarpal conducts research in the Ramsay Wright Building on the mechanisms that allow epithelial cells to adhere to each other, as well as supervising undergraduate project students.

Congratulations, Professors!