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CSB Seminar: Prof. Will Wood, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, University of Bristol, on sabbatical at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York

April 7, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Departmental Seminar

Prof. Will Wood
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Faculty of Biomedical Sciences,
University of Bristol
On Sabbatical at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York

“Detecting Death and Damage in vivo; Understanding Macrophage migration in Drosophila”

Host:  Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez  <rodrigo.fernandez.gonzalez@utoronto.ca>



A critical early wound response is the recruitment of inflammatory cells drawn by danger cues released by the damaged tissue. Hydrogen peroxide has been identified as the earliest wound attractant in Drosophila and Zebrafish and more recently we have shown using fly embryos that laser wounding triggers an instantaneous calcium flash in the epithelium which in turn activates the NADPH oxidase DUOX to generate Hydrogen Peroxide. As a consequence of hydrogen peroxide production, macrophages (hemocytes) within the fly embryo rapidly migrate toward the wound site powered by the formation of dynamic actin-rich lamellipodia. We are using live imaging to understand the mechanism by which inflammatory cells are able to detect hydrogen peroxide and generate the dynamic actin-rich structures necessary for their migration. We are particularly interested in how immune cells are able to integrate competing cues such as wound induced damage signals and ‘eat me’ cues from apoptotic corpses and how previous exposure to one cue is able to influence the cell’s ability to respond to subsequent signals.


Video Conferencing at UTM (DV3138) & UTSc (MW229)


April 7, 2017
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Ramsay Wright Building, Room 432
25 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G5 Canada