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CSB Seminar Series – Ian Tobias & David Green – University of Toronto

April 1, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

TITLE: Developmental mechanisms linking cell size and behavior to Notch-mediated lateral inhibition

Dr. David Green
Postdoctoral Fellow, Tepass Lab
Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto

Development of the Drosophila embryonic central nervous system begins with the specification and delamination of neural stem cells or neuroblasts (NB). Selection of the NB from an equivalence group, the proneural cluster, is gated by Notch-mediated lateral inhibition. The NB then ingress through ratcheted apical contractions and apical domain endocytosis. It remains unclear how a cell within the proneural cluster “wins” lateral inhibition and how this selection process relates to the initiation of ingression. In my presentation I will discuss my research on how cell shape and behavioral dynamics influence the movement of Delta in prospective NB, as well as how initiation of ingression may serve as a feedback loop to support NB specification as ingression begins.

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TITLE: Enhancer Regulation of Sox2 Expression in Mouse Neural Stem & Progenitor Cells

Dr. Ian Tobias
Postdoctoral Fellow, Mitchell Lab
Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto

SRY-box 2 (Sox2) is a critical transcription factor for neural stem and progenitor cell (NSPC) commitment during embryonic development in mammals. Over the past two decades, it has also been shown that Sox2 transcription is required for resident NSPC self-renewal and differentiation in the adult brain. However, we do not have a clear understanding of how Sox2 transcription is controlled during early neural differentiation or in NSPC maintenance. In this talk, I will discuss how transcriptional enhancers regulate Sox2 expression in the neural lineage and our current understanding of the role Sox2 has in preserving the NSPC phenotype.


LOCATION: Earth Sciences Centre, Room 1050 / Virtual

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Meeting ID: 874 4742 2547

Passcode: 050579


April 1, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Earth Sciences Centre, Room 1050
Toronto, Ontario