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MSc Exit Seminar – Adam Isaac Kramer (Godt Lab)

June 12, 2017 @ 1:10 pm - 1:40 pm

MSc Exit Seminar

Monday June 12th, 1:10 pm – Ramsay Wright Building, Rm. 432

Adam Isaac Kramer (Godt Lab)

Protein Kinase C δ Regulates Cellular Protrusions and Filamentous Actin Organization during Drosophila Border Cell Migration


The migrating border cell cluster (BCC) of Drosophila ovarian follicles is an excellent model for studying collective cell migration. My project aimed at gaining mechanistic insight into the function of the serine/threonine kinase Protein Kinase C δ (PKCδ) in the migrating BCC. Analysis of mosaic BCCs containing PKCδ mutant or PKCδ-overexpressing cells indicates that normal PKCδ expression is important for a cell in the cluster to lead migration. Increasing or eliminating PKCδ caused a reduction of non-muscle myosin II in cellular protrusions and along the cell cortices of the BCC perimeter. Tagged transgenic PKCδ enriched in the leading protrusion in a complementary distribution with F-actin, where it appears to antagonize F-actin induced by the actin elongation factor Enabled. Inhibition of Enabled activity suppresses the effects of loss of PKCδ on F-actin organization. These findings suggest that PKCδ is a negative regulator of F-actin and functions in an Enabled-dependent process.


Ramsay Wright is a wheelchair accessible building.


June 12, 2017
1:10 pm - 1:40 pm
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