Professor Andrew Mason

Andrew C. Mason

Professor & Chair



CSB Appointment


Research Areas

Animal Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology


Ph.D. University of Toronto 1994
M.Sc. University of Toronto 1989
B.Sc. University Guelph 1983

Primary Undergraduate Department

Biological Sciences, UTSC

Graduate Programs

Cell & Systems Biology

Academic or Administrative Appointments

Chair of Biological Sciences, UTSC

Research Description

acoustic and vibrational communication; complex signals; sensory processing; decision making; signal function and evolution

Contact Information

Office Phone: 416-287-7433
Office: SW 421H
Lab: S 332C
Lab Phone: 416-287-7465

Mailing Address

Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
1265 Military Trail
Scarborough, ON M1C 1A4

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Sequencing and annotation of the Ophiostoma ulmi genome

Khoshraftar S, Hung S, Khan S, Gong Y, Tyagi V, Parkinson J, Sain M, Moses AM, Christendat D
2013, BMC genomics, 14, 162, 23496816

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Variability in bumblebee pollination buzzes affects the quantity of pollen released from flowers

De Luca PA, Bussière LF, Souto-Vilaros D, Goulson D, Mason AC, Vallejo-Marín M
2013, Oecologia, 172, 805-16, 23188056

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Examination of prior contest experience and the retention of winner and loser effects

Kasumovic MM, Elias DO, Sivalinghem S, Mason AC, Andrade MC
2010, Behavioral ecology : official journal of the International Society for Behavioral Ecology, 21, 404-409, 22476369

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Experience affects the outcome of agonistic contests without affecting the selective advantage of size

Kasumovic MM, Elias DO, Punzalan D, Mason AC, Andrade MC
2009, Animal behaviour, 77, 1533-1538, 20161296

A precedence effect resolves phantom sound source illusions in the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea

Lee N, Elias DO, Mason AC
2009, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106, 6357-62, 19332794

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Hearing and spatial behavior in Gryllotalpa major Saussure (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpidae)

Howard DR, Mason AC, Hill PS
2008, The Journal of experimental biology, 211, 3613-8, 18978226

Assessment during aggressive contests between male jumping spiders

Elias DO, Kasumovic MM, Punzalan D, Andrade MC, Mason AC
2008, Animal behaviour, 76, 901-910, 19727331

Hurthle cell neoplasms of the thyroid: sonographic appearance and histologic characteristics

Maizlin ZV, Wiseman SM, Vora P, Kirby JM, Mason AC, Filipenko D, Brown JA
2008, Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, 27, 751-7; quiz 759, 18424651

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CT findings of normal and inflamed appendix in groin hernia

Maizlin ZV, Mason AC, Brown C, Brown JA
2007, Emergency radiology, 14, 97-100, 17406913

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Generation of extreme ultrasonics in rainforest katydids

Montealegre-Z F, Morris GK, Mason AC
2006, The Journal of experimental biology, 209, 4923-37, 17142681

Measuring and quantifying dynamic visual signals in jumping spiders

Elias DO, Land BR, Mason AC, Hoy RR
2006, Journal of comparative physiology. A, Neuroethology, sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology, 192, 785-97, 16544164

Seismic signal production in a wolf spider: parallel versus serial multi-component signals

Elias DO, Lee N, Hebets EA, Mason AC
2006, The Journal of experimental biology, 209, 1074-84, 16513934

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The start of phonotactic walking in the fly Ormia ochracea: a kinematic study

Mason AC, Lee N, Oshinsky ML
2005, The Journal of experimental biology, 208, 4699-708, 16326951

The mechanics of sound production in Panacanthus pallicornis (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Conocephalinae): the stridulatory motor patterns

Montealegre-Z F, Mason AC
2005, The Journal of experimental biology, 208, 1219-37, 15781883

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The effect of substrate on the efficacy of seismic courtship signal transmission in the jumping spider Habronattus dossenus (Araneae: Salticidae)

Elias DO, Mason AC, Hoy RR
2004, The Journal of experimental biology, 207, 4105-10, 15498956

Identified auditory neurons in the cricket Gryllus rubens: temporal processing in calling song sensitive units

Farris HE, Mason AC, Hoy RR
2004, Hearing research, 193, 121-33, 15219327

The physiology of insect auditory afferents

Mason AC, Faure PA
2004, Microscopy research and technique, 63, 338-50, 15252877

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Seismic signals in a courting male jumping spider (Araneae: Salticidae)

Elias DO, Mason AC, Maddison WP, Hoy RR
2003, The Journal of experimental biology, 206, 4029-39, 14555743

Temporal trends (1973-1997) in survival of patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma in the United States: a glimmer of hope?

Eloubeidi MA, Mason AC, Desmond RA, El-Serag HB
2003, The American journal of gastroenterology, 98, 1627-33, 12873590

Screening for cancer with computed tomography: screening in private sector has knock on effects in public sector in two tier health systems

Mason AC
2003, BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 326, 1457-8, 12829567

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Computed tomography to detect body packing: an unusual cause of small bowel obstruction

Brown JA, Phang PT, Enns R, Butchart MK, Filipenko JD, Mason AC, Cooperberg PL
2002, Canadian Association of Radiologists journal = Journal l'Association canadienne des radiologistes, 53, 84-6, 11975106

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