Professor Patricia Romans

Patricia Romans

Professor Emerita


St. George (downtown)

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Primary Undergraduate Department

Cell & Systems Biology

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Office Phone: RW105C

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Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
25 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G5



The Anopheles gambiae vitellogenin gene (VGT2) promoter directs persistent accumulation of a reporter gene product in transgenic Anopheles stephensi following multiple bloodmeals

Chen XG, Marinotti O, Whitman L, Jasinskiene N, James AA, Romans P
2007, The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 76, 1118-24, 17556621

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Differential gene expression in abdomens of the malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, after sugar feeding, blood feeding and Plasmodium berghei infection

Dana AN, Hillenmeyer ME, Lobo NF, Kern MK, Romans PA, Collins FH
2006, BMC genomics, 7, 119, 16712725

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Gene expression patterns associated with blood-feeding in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Dana AN, Hong YS, Kern MK, Hillenmeyer ME, Harker BW, Lobo NF, Hogan JR, Romans P, Collins FH
2005, BMC genomics, 6, 5, 15651988

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Encapsulation of Myxobolus pendula (Myxosporidia) by epithelioid cells of its cyprinid host Semotilus atromaculatus

Koehler A, Romans P, Desser S, Ringuette M
2004, The Journal of parasitology, 90, 1401-5, 15715236

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Quantitative trait loci in Anopheles gambiae controlling the encapsulation response against Plasmodium cynomolgi Ceylon

Zheng L, Wang S, Romans P, Zhao H, Luna C, Benedict MQ
2003, BMC genetics, 4, 16, 14577840

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