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Thomas Berleth



St. George (downtown)

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Research Areas

Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology

Primary Undergraduate Department

Cell & Systems Biology

Graduate Programs

Cell & Systems Biology

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Contact Information

Office Phone: 416-946-3734 
Office: ESC4068 
Lab: ESC4066 
Lab Phone: 416-946-7441 

Mailing Address

Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
25 Willcocks St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3B2

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Auxin cell biology in plant pattern formation

Caragea AE, Berleth T
2017, Botany, 10.1139/cjb-2016-0156

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The auxin response factor MONOPTEROS controls meristem function and organogenesis in both the shoot and root through the direct regulation of PIN genes.

Krogan NT, Marcos D, Weiner AI, Berleth T
2016, The New phytologist, 212, 42-50, 27441727

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Overcoming recalcitrance – Auxin response factor functions in plant regeneration.

Ckurshumova W, Berleth T
2015, Plant signaling & behavior, 10, e993293, 26098229

The identification and characterization of specific ARF-Aux/IAA regulatory modules in plant growth and development.

Krogan NT, Berleth T
2015, Plant signaling & behavior, 10, e992748, 25830553

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A plant-specific HUA2-LIKE (HULK) gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana is essential for development

Jali SS, Rosloski SM, Janakirama P, Steffen JG, Zhurov V, Berleth T, Clark RM, Grbic V
2014, The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, 25070081

Irrepressible MONOPTEROS/ARF5 promotes de novo shoot formation.

Ckurshumova W, Smirnova T, Marcos D, Zayed Y, Berleth T
2014, The New phytologist, 204, 556-66, 25274430

Dynamic auxin transport patterns preceding vein formation revealed by live-imaging of Arabidopsis leaf primordia

Marcos D, Berleth T
2014, Frontiers in plant science, 5, 235, 24966861

Lz-0 × Berkeley: a new Arabidopsis recombinant inbred line population for the mapping of complex traits

Capron A, Chang XF, Shi C, Beatson R, Berleth T
2014, Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG, 289, 417-25, 24532030

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Identification of quantitative trait loci controlling fibre length and lignin content in Arabidopsis thaliana stems

Capron A, Chang XF, Hall H, Ellis B, Beatson RP, Berleth T
2013, Journal of experimental botany, 64, 185-97, 23136168

Irrepressible, truncated auxin response factors: natural roles and applications in dissecting auxin gene regulation pathways

Ckurshumova W, Krogan NT, Marcos D, Caragea AE, Berleth T
2012, Plant signaling & behavior, 7, 1027-30, 22827953

A dominant mutation reveals asymmetry in MP/ARF5 function along the adaxial-abaxial axis of shoot lateral organs

Krogan NT, Berleth T
2012, Plant signaling & behavior, 7, 940-3, 22751359

Deletion of MP/ARF5 domains III and IV reveals a requirement for Aux/IAA regulation in Arabidopsis leaf vascular patterning

Krogan NT, Ckurshumova W, Marcos D, Caragea AE, Berleth T
2012, The New phytologist, 194, 391-401, 22320407

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POPCORN functions in the auxin pathway to regulate embryonic body plan and meristem organization in Arabidopsis

Xiang D, Yang H, Venglat P, Cao Y, Wen R, Ren M, Stone S, Wang E, Wang H, Xiao W, Weijers D, Berleth T, Laux T, Selvaraj G, Datla R
2011, The Plant cell, 23, 4348-67, 22158464

Glow in the dark: fluorescent proteins as cell and tissue-specific markers in plants

Ckurshumova W, Caragea AE, Goldstein RS, Berleth T
2011, Molecular plant, 4, 794-804, 21772029

Double-filter identification of vascular-expressed genes using Arabidopsis plants with vascular hypertrophy and hypotrophy

Ckurshumova W, Scarpella E, Goldstein RS, Berleth T
2011, Plant science : an international journal of experimental plant biology, 181, 96-104, 21683873

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Spatio-temporal sequence of cross-regulatory events in root meristem growth

Scacchi E, Salinas P, Gujas B, Santuari L, Krogan N, Ragni L, Berleth T, Hardtke CS
2010, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107, 22734-9, 21149702

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Embryogenesis: pattern formation from a single cell

Capron A, Chatfield S, Provart N, Berleth T
2009, The Arabidopsis book / American Society of Plant Biologists, 7, e0126, 22303250

Expanding ecological and evolutionary insights from wild Arabidopsis thaliana accessions

Lev-Yadun S, Berleth T
2009, Plant signaling & behavior, 4, 796-7, 19820322

Visualizing auxin transport routes in Arabidopsis leaf primordia

Marcos D, Berleth T
2009, Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 495, 11-20, 19085150

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Tissue-specific GAL4 expression patterns as a resource enabling targeted gene expression, cell type-specific transcript profiling and gene function characterization in the Arabidopsis vascular system

Ckurshumova W, Koizumi K, Chatfield SP, Sanchez-Buelna SU, Gangaeva AE, McKenzie R, Berleth T
2009, Plant & cell physiology, 50, 141-50, 19068493

Multiple MONOPTEROS-dependent pathways are involved in leaf initiation

Schuetz M, Berleth T, Mattsson J
2008, Plant physiology, 148, 870-80, 18685044

Rapid, microscale, acetyl bromide-based method for high-throughput determination of lignin content in Arabidopsis thaliana

Chang XF, Chandra R, Berleth T, Beatson RP
2008, Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 56, 6825-34, 18666780

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AMP1 and MP antagonistically regulate embryo and meristem development in Arabidopsis

Vidaurre DP, Ploense S, Krogan NT, Berleth T
2007, Development (Cambridge, England), 134, 2561-7, 17553903

Towards the systems biology of auxin-transport-mediated patterning

Berleth T, Scarpella E, Prusinkiewicz P
2007, Trends in plant science, 12, 151-9, 17368963

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Control of leaf vascular patterning by polar auxin transport

Scarpella E, Marcos D, Friml J, Berleth T
2006, Genes & development, 20, 1015-27, 16618807

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Apical-basal polarity: why plant cells don’t stand on their heads

Friml J, Benfey P, Benková E, Bennett M, Berleth T, Geldner N, Grebe M, Heisler M, Hejátko J, Jürgens G, Laux T, Lindsey K, Lukowitz W, Luschnig C, Offringa R, Scheres B, Swarup R, Torres-Ruiz R, Weijers D, Zazímalová E
2006, Trends in plant science, 11, 12-4, 16356758

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Auxin signals–turning genes on and turning cells around

Berleth T, Krogan NT, Scarpella E
2004, Current opinion in plant biology, 7, 553-63, 15337098

Stage-specific markers define early steps of procambium development in Arabidopsis leaves and correlate termination of vein formation with mesophyll differentiation

Scarpella E, Francis P, Berleth T
2004, Development (Cambridge, England), 131, 3445-55, 15226260

BlastDigester–a web-based program for efficient CAPS marker design

Ilic K, Berleth T, Provart NJ
2004, Trends in genetics : TIG, 20, 280-3, 15219390

Overlapping and non-redundant functions of the Arabidopsis auxin response factors MONOPTEROS and NONPHOTOTROPIC HYPOCOTYL 4

Hardtke CS, Ckurshumova W, Vidaurre DP, Singh SA, Stamatiou G, Tiwari SB, Hagen G, Guilfoyle TJ, Berleth T
2004, Development (Cambridge, England), 131, 1089-100, 14973283

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Auxin signaling in Arabidopsis leaf vascular development

Mattsson J, Ckurshumova W, Berleth T
2003, Plant physiology, 131, 1327-39, 12644682

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Genetic complexity of cellulose synthase a gene function in Arabidopsis embryogenesis

Beeckman T, Przemeck GK, Stamatiou G, Lau R, Terryn N, De Rycke R, Inzé D, Berleth T
2002, Plant physiology, 130, 1883-93, 12481071

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