The molecular and cellular basis of self/non-self-recognition has been well-studied in the animal research field, but it is a more recent emerging topic in plant research. The molecular mechanisms of plant self/non-self-recognition is starting to be revealed in two different aspects: self-incompatibility (recognition and rejection of self-pollen) and immunity (plant resistance against micro-organisms).  In this seminar course, students will investigate the current knowledge of self/non-self-recognition of plants.  The course will provide a forum for an interactive discussion between the instructors and students and will be based on a selection of current high impact primary research papers.

Each student will present a PowerPoint style presentation based on an assigned topic using a selection of primary research papers.  A written summary on the same topic in the format of a Science Perspective will also be due at the end of the module.  Students are expected to read all papers and participate in all discussions.  However, for each presentation, two students will be assigned the task of asking questions and leading the discussion.

50% Presentation (one presentation per student on a primary research paper)

25% Leading discussions/Participating in discussions

25% Written Summary in the format of a Science Perspective

Last updated on August 10th, 2023