Module: Current Techniques in Gene Regulation

CSB1020H/F, Teaching Section LEC 0134


Professor Ho Sung Rhee (

Offered: Fall 2023 session.  Six classes will be scheduled between September 7th and October 20th, 2023. The first organizational meeting will be on Thursday, September 7th @ 3:00 PM (location at UTM TBA).

Schedule: TBA.  The course details (e.g., schedule, classroom, syllabus) will be announced on the Quercus website. If you have questions, email

Weight: One module (0.25 FCE)

Location: UTM campus, room TBA

Enrolment: Limited to 8 graduate students 


This course will cover cutting-edge techniques to study transcription, epigenetics, and genome architecture. Lectures and seminars will involve presentations and discussions of contemporary topics and techniques in gene regulation. Techniques to be discussed include cell (re)programming and differentiation, CRISPR genome editing (e.g., knock in, knock out, knock down), single-cell sequencing technologies (e.g., scRNA-seq, snATAC-seq), protein-DNA interaction analysis using nuclease (e.g., CUT&Tag), and long-range chromatin interaction analysis. Students will also present recently published research articles, lead a discussion, and write a report.


1st seminar presentation: 30%

2nd seminar presentation: 30%

Class participation and discussion: 20%

1st written assignment: 10%

2nd written assignment: 10%

Pre-requisites: None

Reading materials: Required readings will be primary research articles and reviews, and will be provided during class.

Website: Quercus –


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