Module: Topics in Cell and Developmental Biology: Biology of Adherens Junctions

CSB 1020H/S, Teaching Section LEC 0145


Professor Ritu Sarpal


Offered Winter 2023 session.  The module will begin with an organizational meeting at the end of February, followed by six weeks of seminars from March to April.

Enrolment limited to 8 students


One module (0.25 FCE)




St. George campus, Ramsay Wright Building (room TBA).

Course Description

Understanding how epithelial cells stick together to form tissues and organs, how they withstand mechanical forces, and how the loss of this adhesion leads to diseases such as cancer and its metastasis, are important fundamental questions in biology with significant implications for human health. Adherens junctions (AJs) are known to be dynamic plasma-membrane structures that mediate cell-cell adhesion and promote tissue integrity. In this course, we will discuss research articles to understand how AJs facilitate multicellular development and how they impact disease.


Two Seminars: 60% (2 X 30%)

Participation in discussions: 20%

Written report: 20%

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