Course Coordinators: Professors Dinesh Christendat and Eiji Nambara

Course date: Winter semester, 2023.  Starting Thurs. Feb. 23rd at 10 am, but schedule flexible based on student schedules.

Enrolment limit: 8 students

Weight: One module (0.25 FCE)

Location: University of Toronto, St George campus (Earth Sciences Centre, room 3056)

Course Description:

Movement of metabolites is essential for plant development, stress responses and communications between cells. Phloem and xylem transport are the primary supplier of nutrients and signals to the entire plant body. Also, plant root exudate to the rhizosphere plays an important role in dictating the plant-microbes communication as well as communication with other plants. In this course, we will discuss the recent progress and knowledge on the translocation of metabolites and their impact on plant growth, physiology and communication with other organisms. We will emphasize how cell-cell communication is modulated by metabolites transport.


The citations below are good examples of papers that will be covered in the course:

Ogawa-Ohnishi et al. 2022. Peptide ligand-mediated trade-off between plant growth and stress

response. Science 378, 175

Yan et al. 2022. Genetic modification of flavone biosynthesis in rice enhances biofilm formation

of soil diazotrophic bacteria and biological nitrogen fixation. Plant Biotechnol. J. 20, 2135-2148.

Zhang et al. 2021. ABA homeostasis and long-distance translocation are redundantly regulated

by ABCG ABA importers. Sci. Adv. 7, eabf6069.


Active participations, presentations and a final critical analysis

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