Module: Human Genomics

CSB1021H/F, Teaching Section LEC 0108


Professor Timothy Westwood


Winter 2023 session for 6 weeks running Monday January 9th to February 17th.  (final graduate presentations may be given the week of Feb. 20)

Location – UTM campus,  MN3170

(Monday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM – this lecture will be recorded and not be held in person so students can attend virtually)

Tuesday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (in person)

Note – This course will be offered at the UTM campus in parallel with BIO477.


One module (0.25 FCE)

Course Description

This course examines the biology of the human genome.  Topics include: the human genome project, regulation of the human transcriptome, genome wide association studies, pharmacogenomics, high throughput sequencing technologies.  Lectures and seminars will also involve presentation and discussion of recently published research articles.


Assignment 1 – 5 %; Assignment 2 – 5 %; Oral Presentation – 15 %; Written questions (2 x 2.5%) – 5 %; In class quizzes (2 x 2.5%) – 5%; Term project – 30 %; Final Exam (open book) – 30%; Participation – 5%

Pre-requisites for module

Third year level Molecular Biology Course.  Exclusion: BIO477H

Reading materials

Assigned Chapters from- Molecular Biology of the Cell, 7th ed. (2022). Alberts et al.  Assigned articles and reviews.


There will be a Quercus site for this course (i.e. associated with BIO477 course site at the UTM campus)

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