Module: Neuroscience of Behavioural State Control

CSB 1021H/S, Teaching Section LEC 0123


Professor John Peever

Offered Winter session, starting in January

Enrolment limited to 6 students


One module (0.25 FCE)


Winter session, dates and times TBA


St. George campus, Ramsay Wright Building, Room TBA (or online)

Course Description

This course will examine the latest advances in how the nervous system controls behavioural states such as sleep, arousal, daily rhythms, breathing and movement. It will consider leading hypotheses on the function of the cell systems, organ systems and at the whole organism level that lead to appropriate and pathological control of such behaviours.


Students will present 2 seminars, one from each section of the course. They will write a brief synopsis of the presentation. Students will also participate in discussion. Seminars and discussion will focus on issues raised in a selection of primary research papers. Written assignment: students will write a “News and Views” style review article on a current “hot topic” within the field. The subject chosen will accommodate the specific research interests of each student but must be different from those discussed in seminars.

Seminars (2) 2×20% each = 40% total
Synopsis (2) 2×10% each = 20% total
Discussions (2) 2×10% each = 20% total
News and Views 20%



Reading Materials

To be determined by the specific interests of the participating students.

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