Congratulations to this year’s TA Teaching Excellence Award winners, Kathryn McTavish, Ruby He, Mary-Elizabeth Raymond and Andrea-Aditi Taylor!

Students taking classes in Molecular and Cell Biology (BIO130), Techniques in Molecular & Cell Biology (CSB330) and Methods in Genomics and Proteomics (CSB474) singled our their Teaching Assistants as exceptional in their knowledge, learning environment and teaching skills. Selected quotes are given below:

Ruby He taught BIO130 with a “dedication and passion to maximizing our learning experience [that] extended beyond the lab, as she often encouraged us to explore research avenues and approach her with any lingering curiosities.”

Students in Mary Raymond’s CSB330 labs found that she “had a great in-depth knowledge about both the course content and laboratory techniques. This knowledge allowed many students to ask more questions and develop a strong understanding of topics.”

Andrea-Aditi Taylor’s BIO130 labs “were enjoyable because of the safe and respectful environment she cultivated. Andrea explained the connection of our experiments to her lab work and why she thought they were both interesting for us to research but pertinent to what we were learning in lecture.”

CSB474 students confided that “The stress of grad school applications and our impending futures outside of academics often got to us but Kathyrn [McTavish] always provided us advice to alleviate these worries by sharing her experiences.”

Congratulations on the outstanding work that earned this student-nominated award!