Tamar Mamourian is the Chief Administrative Officer for the Department of Cell & Systems Biology. She is the recipient of a True Blue Award for her Service to the University.

“Tamar Mamourian excels at making people feel important and valued. She recognizes them as integral members of the University of Toronto community but more importantly, as real people with feelings, needs, wants, and desires of their own. She fosters a sense of community in all those around her and happily helps anyone who walks into her office.”

“In addition to her convivial personality, she accomplishes her work with great efficiency. If you ever need anything done at CSB or in Ramsay Wright, you talk to Tamar! She manages to successfully align all University policies and personnel to get the job done in a timely and cordial manner. The Department thanks Tamar for being a listening ear and handing out help and guidance with a smile on her face!”