CSB is building on excellence and broadening our research thanks to two recent appointment by the University of Toronto.

Congratulations, Professor Plotnikov!

On July 1st, our colleague Sergey Plotnikov received tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor.
Plotnikov is a world leading researcher, with recent publications in Nature Physics and Developmental Cell.
Plotnikov’s lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms used by mammalian cells to sense and transduce physical inputs from the microenvironment. Plotnikov is particularly curious about by the way these mechanical cues guide cell migration.

Welcome Professor Shafer!

We also welcome a new colleague, Maxwell Shafer, who is appointed as an Assistant Professor in Cell & Systems Biology as of July 1st.
Professor Shafer will decode the genomic and cellular mechanisms of sleep evolution using comparative approaches across vertebrate species, including functional genomics, bioinformatics, cell & molecular biology, neurobiology, and evolution.