Course Description

Understanding of Plant Development is crucial for satisfying the world’s demand for food and bioenergy in a sustainable way. This course explores plant development at the genetic, molecular, cellular and organismal levels and deals with the generation and use of genomic resources in plant model organisms. Focus areas: plant embryo and meristem/stem cell development, plant growth and patterning. The course will introduce into, but also crucially depend on the reading of original research publications and on the use of genomic resources applicable to plant biotechnology.


BIO230H1 / BIO255H1,
BIO 260H1 / (HMB 265H1 with a minimum grade of 73%)



Contact Hours


Required Text(s)/Readings

Current literature will be available from online resources.

Evaluation (Subject to change)

Take home assignment: 15%
Midterm: 35%
Final exam: 50%

Last updated on May 12th, 2020