Course Description

The content of this course covers genome organization and the regulation of gene expression building on material covered in BIO130H1 and BIO230H1.  An understanding of genetics is essential to read primary papers in molecular biology; students must take BIO260H1 or HMB265H1 prior to CSB349H1.  In addition, students in CSB349H1 are expected to have a background in organic chemistry (to the level of CHM247H1) and biochemistry (BCH210H1).

Students will attend lectures and tutorials.  The lectures will provide a framework of background information, while the tutorials will emphasize reading and analyzing primary literature. A big part of the tutorial will also include a team-based project.

Depending on physical distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lectures and/or tutorials may need to be delivered online for part or all of the course, if necessary.

The emphasis in this course is on self-directed learning and critical thinking; the process of science will be stressed more than the content of the discipline.  All students should be able to use the library resources by the end of the course.  In addition, students will need to become proficient at interpreting data from original papers, writing analyses of data and designing simple experiments.

Tutorials begin the first week of classes, so be sure to attend your first tutorial since the PBL groups will be formed in the first tutorial. After ACORN closes for tutorial enrolment, all tutorial requests or changes must be made through the CSB349 office ( from September 14th to September 17th.


BIO230H1 / BIO255H1,
BIO260H1 / HMB 265H1



Recommended Preparation



Prof. J. Calarco

Prof. R. Sarpal

Course Coordinator

Prof. R. Sarpal

CSB 349 Office:
Kenana Al Kakouni
RW 206ª

Contact Hours

30L, 18T

Required Text(s)/Readings

CSB 349H Manual available electronically on Quercus as a PDF.

Recommended Text(s)/Readings

TA Brown, Genomes, 3rd edition or Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th or 6th edition or H. Lodish et al. Molecular Cell Biology 6th Edition.

Evaluation (Subject to change)

Two term tests worth at least 40%
Tutorials: 60% (group project (35%), literature analysis and quizzes (25%))

Term tests will take place during the lecture period

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