Course Description

Gastrulation is used as an example to examine the molecular and cellular mechanisms of a major morphogenetic process, and its evolutionary modifications. The course includes lectures, seminar sessions and work in small groups. Group work will include presenting primary research papers and a final group project that explores an unanswered question in the field. Weekly readings, homework assignments and active participation in class discussions is required.  Evaluations will be based on class discussion, oral presentations, and written homework assignments.




Prof. R. Winklbauer
Prof. A. Bruce

Contact Hours

12L, 12T, 12S

Recommended Text(s)/Readings

There is no prescribed text although reference to the Gilbert text, Developmental Biology may be useful. Articles from the literature will be stressed

Evaluation (Subject to change)

Presentation 1: 15%; Presentation 2: 25%; Presentation 3: 35%, Contribution to Class Discussions: 10%; Homework: 15%.

Last updated on June 13th, 2022