Course Description

This course will discuss theories on the function and regulation in both health and disease. Discussion will focus on current questions and controversies within the field of sleep research. Emphasis is placed on critical evaluation of concepts, assumptions, data and interpretations.

This course is intended to be interactive, and students are expected to contribute actively to the class activities. Professor Peever will lead and participate in class discussions, but most of the time will be devoted to student presentations, discussion and debates.


(BIO 270H1, 271H1) / (PSL 300H1, 301H1)

Recommended Preparation

CJH332H1 / CSB345H1 / PSY397H1

Balloted Course

You must apply to the Department of Cell and Systems Biology for admission. Please go to Undergraduate Forms for a ballot form.


Prof. J. Peever

Contact Hours

3L, 33S

Required Text(s)/Readings

There is no single textbook suitable for this advanced course. Review papers written by leaders in the field of sleep research, and original research papers are available as web notes on Quercus. Access to these materials is limited to registered students only.

Evaluation (Subject to change)

There is no mid-term or final exam/assessment in this course. Instead, each student will receive a final grade based on the following activities and assignments:

  1. One 10-minute seminar presentation (30% of final grade)
  2. One 15-minute seminar presentation (35% of final grade)
  3. Two 1-page critiques of research papers (20% of final grade)
  4. Participation in class discussion (15% of final grade)

Last updated on May 31st, 2022