Course Description

This course allows students to do a second independent project within the department and operates in the same manner as CSB497H1 / CSB498Y1, i.e., each student has to submit a written report. Also, students taking one of these courses in the Summer are required to give an oral presentation at the end of the academic session in their lab. Students who take one of these courses in the Fall / Winter must present a poster at the poster session at the end of the academic session. Supervision can be the same or different from that of your CSB497H1 / CSB498Y1 project. Contract forms are available on the CSB website.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend workshops at the Friday 2-3:30 time slot offered by the workshop coordinator. The workshops are designed to offer timely advice in a variety of areas related to laboratory based research projects, including: lab etiquette, project design, writing a formal lab report and preparing a poster.

For the Summer Session, the course is the same except that there are no workshops and there is no formal poster session at the end. Instead, each student is expected to make a formal presentation to their lab in lieu of the poster. A final written report is required.


CSB497H1 / CSB498Y1

Ancillary Fees

This course has a lab fee of $50.

Workshop Lead

Prof T. Harris (for fall/winter only)

For any questions, email and include the course code (CSB499Y1Y) in the subject line.

Additional Information

This course is not eligible for the CR / NCR option.

A maximum of 2.0 FCEs are allowed among CSB497H1, CSB498Y1 and CSB499Y1, and two of these course cannot be taken at the same time.

Last updated on May 13th, 2022