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You may need to save these forms locally before being able to complete them.

Fall/Winter 2021-22 Ballot Forms:

CSB430H1S, not offered in 2021-22
CSB445H1S, due 14 June 2021
CSB474H1S, due 14 June 2021
CSB491H1S, not offered in 2021-22

Fall/Winter 2021-22 Independent Research Course Contracts:

BCB330Y1Y, due 17 September 2021
BCB430Y1Y, due 17 September 2021
CSB497H1F, due 17 September 2021
CSB498Y1Y, due 17 September 2021
CSB499Y1Y, due 17 September 2021
CSB497H1S, due 14 January 2022

Summer 2022 Independent Research Course Contracts: (all forms will be available March 2022)


If an independent project course is the only course you are taking in 2021-22, then the contract forms for all of these courses must be submitted by Friday, 27 August 2021.