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Biology (Specialist, Major, and Minor)

The Biology programs are jointly offered by the departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and Cell and Systems Biology (CSB). However, if you have any questions about the Biology programs, please consult with the EEB Undergraduate Office: undergrad.eeb@utoronto.ca. Please visit the following link to review Biology program requirements:


The study of biology is enormously important for understanding the human body and the resources it requires, for grappling with the ethical questions that face humanity, and for understanding the interdependent web of living organisms on the planet. Today the biological sciences are experiencing a revolution. Important discoveries occur almost weekly as scientists and their students develop and use new techniques, theories, and approaches.

Graduates of Biology may find employment in teaching, public service, research, industry, or hospital laboratories. Students often continue their studies at the graduate level (MSc or PhD), a requirement for research and teaching at universities and colleges.

Biology is the study of life, including plants, animals and other organisms. Our program in Biology begins with a core of courses providing students with a foundation. The remainder of the program is very open allowing students to follow their own path of study within the discipline. Students interested in pursuing a biology program must complete four full credits before they can enroll. Once these credits are complete, students can enroll in this program at any time as it is open and requires no application.