The Department of Cell & Systems Biology warmly welcomes 3 new faculty members to the department:

– Dr. John Calarco (Assistant Professor, Tenure-stream): Mechanisms and function of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in generating physiologically diverse neurons in C. elegans.

– Dr. Arneet Saltzman (Assistant Professor, CLTA): Chromatin regulation of cell fate decisions in the nervous system in C. elegans and the pathways through which disruption of Polycomb-mediated gene repression leads to a disease state.

– Dr. Shelley Lumba (Assistant Professor, CLTA): Abscisic acid signalling networks and their function under abiotic stress in Arabidopsis and Striga.

John and Shelley officially started their new positions in September, 2016 and Arneet will be starting in September, 2017. Many of you know Shelley as a member of our CSB community and I hope you will take a moment to welcome her in her new role. John will be spending much of his time in Boston for the next few months working on grant applications while we make progress here on his research space. However, he will endeavour to join us for faculty meetings and hopefully the anniversary symposium this month. In addition, John has joined the University of Toronto as a Medicine by Design Associate. For more details on appointment with MbD, please click here. While Arneet’s start date is a little further away, we will also welcome her to join faculty meetings and departmental events this academic year. I’m looking forward to personally introducing all three to all of you in the near future.

Prof. Vince Tropepe
Professor and Chair
Department of Cell & Systems Biology