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A True Blue Award for Lisa Matchett recognizes her exemplary work in Joint Health and Safety

Lisa Matchett is a Teaching Lab Technician in the Ramsay Wright Building who has been recognized with a True Blue Award for Innovation. The True Blue Award highlights the practices of exemplary faculty and staff who make invaluable contributions to the University every day. Over the past 13 years, Lisa consistently strived to make Ramsay … Read More

Dr Heather McFarlane joins Cell & Systems Biology as Professor and Canada Research Chair in Plant Cell Biology

Dr Heather McFarlane has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology starting July 1st, 2019. Professor McFarlane’s research aims to uncover the mechanisms by which plants sense and respond to the status of the cell wall, with the goal of modifying plant cell walls to advance sustainable agriculture, … Read More

First events in stem cells becoming the specialized cells needed for organ development revealed by the Mitchell Laboratory

The Mitchell laboratory has revealed the very first step in mouse stem cells turning into the organs of the body. Precise experiments by Dhaliwal, Abatti and Mitchell expose the stability of the KLF4 protein as crucial to KLF4’s ability to activate genes. These findings implicate protein stabilization as a major factor in maintaining control of … Read More