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Understanding the Restorative Nature of Sleep: CSB Professor John Peever provides insights into his research on the neurobiology of sleep

CSB Professor John Peever aims to understand the mechanisms underlying behavioural arousal states (e.g., wakefulness, REM sleep, non-REM sleep) and the mechanistic changes that occur in sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and REM sleep behaviour disorder. In an informative podcast on “Understanding the Restorative Nature of Sleep“, Professor Peever gives updates on the latest results … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Melanie Woodin on her appointment as Dean of Arts & Science

It is our sincere pleasure to congratulate Professor Melanie Woodin on her appointment as the new Dean for the Faculty of Arts & Science. Melanie will begin her 5-year term as Dean on July 1, 2019. In CSB, we have benefited, and continue to benefit, from Professor Woodin’s leadership and excellence in research, graduate mentoring … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Nick Provart on his recent Genome Canada grant!

Congratulations to Professor Nick Provart, who has received Genome Canada funding for his team’s grant “From ePlants to eEcosystems: New Frameworks and Tools for Sharing, Accessing, Exploring and Integrating ‘Omic Data from Plants” as part of the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (B/CB) Competition. This award was also featured in a UofT News article on the Arts … Read More