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Cell biology meets engineering in collaborative XSeed grant for Professor Sergey Plotnikov to study wound closure in fruit flies

CSB Professor Sergey Plotnikov has been awarded XSeed funding to identify protein targets that can accelerate wound healing.  The XSeed program catalyzes cross-disciplinary partnerships between investigators from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and other faculties.   The grant was awarded in collaboration with Professor Fernandez-Gonzalez from the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering. … Read More

Parasitic plant biology study by Professor Shelley Lumba reveals unexpected pathway to germination of witchweed seeds

The crop fields of sub-Saharan Africa have fallen under a spell cast by the witchweed Striga hermonthica. Every year, this parasitic plant targets and destroys over eight billion dollars worth of staple crops, leading the UN to declare Striga infestations as a major impediment to poverty alleviation in Africa. A new discovery from researchers at … Read More

Sensing light synthetically yields insight into retinal disease

“Can we make yeast see?” seems an odd question for biologists to ask, but students in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology (CSB) have used synthetic biology to make yeast cells that can detect light. Professor Belinda Chang studies the cells which respond to light in the retina and send that response as a … Read More