Prof Kenneth Yip and Farida Kayed, ASSU Executive

Professor Kenneth Yip applies a visible passion to his teaching and shows genuine concern for his students. His enthusiastic presentations earned him this year’s Ranjini (Rini) Ghosh Excellence in Teaching Award from the Arts & Science Student Union.

Students first encounter Yip’s teaching through University of Toronto’s largest life sciences courses, BIO130: Molecular and Cell Biology and BIO230: From Genes to Organisms. Yip takes the time to explain and highlight important concepts and connects them to practice by bringing in real examples from laboratory research, industrial biotechnology and healthcare.

Yip also prepares incoming first-year students for what to expect in their classes through Arrive Ready for Life Sciences, a free online program.

The Ghosh award is made on the basis of excellence in teaching and contributions to undergraduate education. The nominations received for this year’s award describe Yip as a humble and caring instructor who is committed to ensuring that his students understand the material and succeed.

Yip is honoured that former students would take the time and effort for these nominations. “Fundamentally, I aim to foster an engaging and positive learning environment that promotes enthusiasm and genuine interest in cellular and molecular biology.” explains Yip. “I try to make adjustments after every class as well as improve my courses year after year.”

Yip collaborates with other Professors in Cell & Systems Biology to centre their teaching around evidence-based practices. Yip attributes a lot of his success to mentor and colleague Prof Melody Neumann, so he was excited to share the news of his award with her.

“Over the past year, I was driven to contemplate whether I am truly teaching, connecting with, and inspiring students at the level they deserve,” confides Yip. “This recognition is reassurance that I’m still on the right track to positively impact learners.”

Congratulations to Professor Kenneth Yip on this important recognition from his students!