On Friday, April 5th, 2024 students from the CSB497, 498 and 499 independent research programs presented their project results in a poster session held in the Ramsay Wright Building. We would like to thank our judges for their time assessing the posters and presentations. The students who excelled at presenting their projects were awarded the F Michael Barret Award, with Prof. Dinesh Christendat hosting the awards ceremony. 

Winning posters covered cell biology over a wide range of sizes, from small molecules to individual cells and on to whole organisms.

Yu Li undertook “Development of an in planta screen for small molecule inhibitors of plant pathogens” in the Yoshioka Laboratory
Bryan Guo performed “Functional investigations of rhodopsin variants” in the Chang Laboratory.
Hongyu Zhu from the Mitchell Laboratory presented on “Investigating the long-range regulatory potential of synthetic enhancer sequences“.
Daphne Jiang determined that “Force sensitive actin polymerization is required for cell fate commitment in response to profibrotic cues” in the Plotnikov Laboratory.
Arthur Siu asked “How does ECF viscosity regulate cell behaviour?” in the Plotnikov Laboratory.
Gary Chatha worked on “Elucidating Cysts and Bazooka‘s Contribution to Tissue Growth Regulation” in the Tepass Laboratory.
Alexander Olander took on “Investigating the role of Endoplasmic Reticulum-plasma membrane contact sites in shaping the early drosophila melanogaster embryo” in the Harris Laboratory.
Asia Anwary presented research on “Using conditioned place avoidance to study learning and spatial cognition in young zebrafish” from work done in the Lin Lab.

Thank you to Kenana Al Kakouni, Anna Kozelj and Sam Delage for helping with this year’s poster session.  A very special thank you to Melissa Casco and Genna Zunde for all of their hard work in organizing this event.

Congratulations to our award recipients!