General Information

  • Use the Expense Report Forms available at this link
  • Before you submit an expense reimbursement claim, please make sure that you have included all items indicated on the Expense Reimbursement Checklist available at this link
  • The Expense Report is a workbook consisting of 4 page tabs which include the fillable forms; Expense Report, Missing Receipts Form, Per Diem Form, Kilometerage Form
  • Complete relevant pages online and print them out
  • A claim should be for a single trip or for non-travel expenses. They should not be mixed.


  • Arrange and attach all small receipts to letter size paper with tape (restaurant, taxi etc).
  • If you have a foreign currency receipt and it was paid by a Canadian credit card (converted to CAD), then provide a photocopy of your credit card statement to give us the credit card’s conversion rate. You can black out the non-pertinent items.  If you do not submit a copy of your credit card statement, we will use U of T’s conversion rates based on the date of transaction. DO NOT convert currencies on your own – they will be disregarded.

Include the following information on your Expense Report

  • Fill in your Name and Personnel Number
  • Fill in your Supervisors’ Name and Title in the “Approver’s Name” and Approver’s Title” Fields
  • If the reimbursement is for travel, record the duration in the “Time Period” field. If not, record the date of the transaction.
  • If the reimbursement is for travel, record the place of visit and the purpose of visit in the “Purpose and Relevance to University Business” field. If not please record item and purpose of purchase.
  • If you are missing a receipt(s) complete the “Missing Receipts Form” Tab 2.
  • If you are claiming Per Diem Allowance complete the “Per Diem Form” Tab 3.
  • If you are claiming Kilometerage Allowance complete the “Kilometerage Form” Tab 4 

 Final Step

  • Fill in your full address including postal code. If we are unable to do a direct deposit then a cheque will be sent to this address.
  • Get the report signed by your supervisor in the “Authorized Approver” box.
  • Please ask your supervisor about the funding source (fund name/number) which he/she would like to use to pay the reimbursement and note the information on the form.

Detailed instructions are available on the Financial Services Department’s website. Travel policy: