Monica Mc Sheim

Monica Mc Sheim is fascinated by the interaction of social structures and individual roles in society, and by adaptations that have challenged traditional structures. She pursued this passion studying Sociology at Wilfrid Laurier University, with minors in Anthropology and Women’s Studies. Her jobs in corporate finance, independent school administration and University administration have built her extensive knowledge of the many moving parts in complex organizations.

Mc Sheim is Executive Assistant to the Chair of CSB, planning and facilitating administrative procedures, such as those related to career progression of faculty, as well as interpretation and implementation of Departmental and University policies. This work requires a high level of multi-tasking and organization, and can effect change through understanding the goals and motives of stakeholders. Mc Sheim says on an individual level her effectiveness has been enhanced by the courses she pursued in her studies.

In light of International Women’s Day, Mc Sheim notes that earlier in her career when her children were born, she had to make decisions to postpone pursuing advancement in order to balance family responsibilities, that male colleagues likely would not have to consider. Having worked in traditionally female-dominated occupations, she is inspired by seeing increasing examples of women in leadership positions.

As a lifelong learner, McSheim advises, “Take every opportunity for professional development in topics that give you fulfillment and in areas that you think you may be interested in. Doing so might develop a skill, interest or network that can open a door to an opportunity that you may not have previously considered.”

Initially McSheim would take individual courses, but formalized this path upon learning that U of T would support her to pursue a Masters in Higher Education at OISE. She is halfway through her studies, which are contributing to her breadth and depth of knowledge in systems of higher education and student support. As a first-generation university student, Mc Sheim is proud of her accomplishments and strives to use her knowledge and skills to contribute to positive changes.

In her spare time, Mc Sheim enjoys the outdoors and keeping active with her family. She looks forward to the end of pandemic-related restrictions and a return to taking regular hikes and camping.